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My Trip to Oman in Suf a Vela Mag

My Trip to Oman in Suf a Vela Mag

Check out the latest issue of “Surf a Vela” Magazine, Spain’s leading Wind- and Kitesurf publication!

In it you will find loads of interesting articles and information as well as the story about my really exciting trip to Oman, in the United Arab Emirates, on 5 pages.

Oman is s truly fascinating country and my adventure there will stay in my mind and heart forever. Now you can read all about my experiences, kite-sessions, wonderful and not-so-wonderful times (that are part of any travel) during this journey through the land of 1001 waves also in Spanish.

Amongst the photographers for this feature is Alan Norton, a Dubai based photographer who loves to pack up his camera in a housing and to shoot out of the water.

If you’re Spanish is not too great, don’t worry, in my media portfolio you can check out previous publications in other languages, such as the English version “Arabian Days” in The Kiteboarder Magazine (US)  or the German version “Arabisches Lächeln” in Kiteboarding!   You can read the full article either online, download the pdf or print it out.

Enjoy, have fun & carpe diem guys!

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