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The brandnew Rebel 2010

The brandnew Rebel 2010

Innovation is one of North Kiteboarding’s cornerstones. The brains behind R&D develop innovative new products that push the performance barriers and test each and every product rigorously before it is brought to production. Yeah, that’s what North products are all about:  pure innovation in top quality, no gimmicks or bullsi$%t hypes. The North R&D team is constantly working to improve existing technology and develop a wide range of performance-oriented and user-friendly products that will maximize your fun on the water.

Just to name a few of North’s revolutionizing kite-features:  5th  element with 4 line ability, relaunch bungees, lazy pump, kook proof connectors, load distribution panels, ballistic snakeskin, heavy te dacron reinforcement… and soooo many more, check the NKB website for all inventions !

I’m sure you have been reading many reviews in magazines and online already about the Rebel 2010, the verdict’s been great. Me personally I dare to state with full confidence that the Rebel 2010 is THE ABSOLUTE BEST kite that I’ve ever been flying in my 8 year pro-career. YES, I’ve had the chance to already test the kite extensively in very challenging conditions, what I luv most about it is:

–  the incredibly huge windrange and massive depower  (I’ve been enjoying myself with my beloved 5m2 in the waves of WA in about 13 knots when others struggled on 9m2’s of other brands).

–  self-launch, self-land as well as water-relaunch has become so easy, it’s ridiculous 🙂

–  the speed of the kite as well as the solid bar feel, reactiveness, responsive steering and position in the windwindow are just perfect for any freeride-mission and especially in the waves !  yeah, the kite turns exactly to where I want it in the windwindow and stays there until another tiny impuls gets it to the next position that I require it to go to, even when pretty depowered… insane !

–  the ability to instantly turn the power off and on at will as I link my turns down the line.

–  also the lazy pump system and fusion 10 connections between struts and leading edge have been finished to perfection.

–  the unique steering sensitivity and smoothness have been improved by implementing a straight segment in the leading edge for an ultra clean, flutter-free canopy near the tips that keeps me connected and in-tune to the kite’s every movement.

–  I also luv the new colour-combos and design, sick 🙂  my favourite is the bue, white and orange !

Thus, stop dreaming and go ride!  Get yourself the Rebel 2010 and you will be amazed, guaranteed, I fully dare giving you my word for it 🙂  I’m simply so convinced of the Rebel being THE best kite all-terrain freeride / wave kite of your dreams !!!

Check the North website for more facts, colour combos, pictures, videos.

Have fun & be safe on the water (which you will be with a Rebel 2010) !
Yours Gabi  P.S.  In the next days I’ll post my personal review on the North Team Series Freestyle Board 2010 as well as the North Kontact Waveboard 2010.