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Dolphin gettin’ barrelled

Dolphin gettin’ barrelled

Guys, this morning I experienced SUCH an incredible touch of nature, unreal…  I got up already very early, the sun had just risen at the horizon when I took the SUP (stand up paddle) board out at a beautiful spot here in Western Australia.  It was a pefectly glassy, warm, summer mornin…the Indian Ocean was blue as and I instantly felt so insanely happy with the World and the beauty around me.  I was out with 2 mates, it was in fact only us, which I still can’t understand, usually on mornings like this it can get pretty crowded, especially as it is currently summer holidays, thus normally all the kids are out playin’ (i.e.paddling)… but not today.

I caught some sick waves and sudddenly there was this big school of dolphines right around me…the crystal clear water, wow, I watched them surfing the waves beside me, jumping out and havin perhaps even more fun than me, so beautiful!  Then after catching a looong wave in, I was just on my way back out again, when I saw a huge set rollin’ in and suddenly there was a dolphin, I could see him through the breaking part, it was that clear see-through-waters … and then he got barrelled, WOW, I thought I was dreamin but I wasn’t… YEP, he stayed cool and was obviously enjoying the ride through the tube 🙂

Now back here in my little room behind the computer, I feel so incredibly privileged, privileged of being able to play out there in the Ocean !  We all should take the time to play once in a while, even in a city, whereeva, just go out into Nature, open ur eyes, breath and enjoy and I’m convinced Mother Earth is gonna give u some sort of present, just keep ur eyes open !!

Obviously I did not have a camera with me on my SUP, however, instead I decided to post a photo of an insane snorcheling trip in Mauritius when I actually had a camera with me.  Love the dolphines, in fact I reckon I must have been one in my previous life…

Carpe Diem,