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KiteGabi Homepage proudly presents Greg Reemers – web designer & dear friend proudly presents Greg Reemers – web designer & dear friend

The world is such a small place …I met Greg last year during my ‘first travel from one competition to the next’ – I was on the road from the PKRA World Cup in Austria to Belgium for the Northsea Open in Knokke and further to the South of France for a KPWT event in Cap d’Agde – during which I met Laurel Eastman who had the same schedule as me. We had some spare time during the comps and Laurel – who was about to film an instructional video in between the events – offered me kindly to come with her. I happily accepted…that’s when I met Greg.

Today, a bit more than one year later, this person, who I haven’t been seeing since – we emailed sometimes, though – designed this awesome site for me! I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to travel and make friendships like this.

Greg Reemers, Graphic Designer and Web Programmer specialized in the promotion of extrem photos of kiteboarding, kitesurfing, mountain boarding, snowboarding and other extrem sports. check out his website … I can only recommend him, he really knows his stuff!!