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On a mission…..

On a mission…..

It’s the time of the year…. when I normally disappear…. hehehe, a little rhyme for you guys 🙂  but full of truth:

YES, the time has come for my annual sabbatical, yew!  My good old Landcruiser 60’s  Series from 1982 is packed and stacked with all my toys  (kites, surfboards, SUP…) and off I am on a mission on which I will be conducting all different sorts of water-mountain field studies 🙂 .

It’s gonna be sooooo good for sure and I can’t wait!  As I’m heading into rather wild and untapped territories it certainly will also be tricky to find regular internet-access. Therefore I aplogize already in advance for the ‘silence’ on my website over the coming weeks. I will make up for it when I’m back, deal?

Carpe Dieam guys & have fun
Gabi Xxx


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