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I’m officially “out of the office” folks 😉

Heading off into the deepest Outback of WA…remote, gnarly waves, snakes, sharks… amazing place!

Decided to put up this image taken from the helicopter by Colin Leonhardt from Birdseye View Photography as kind of a symbol, resembling and combining in a way all the feelings I have inside me about any new adventure and hitting the road into the unknown: Huge excitement, with a pinch of fear, hehehehe, if you look closely at my face in the image, the chopper was suddenly so close to my kite, I was sh** scared I would get tangled up in it and get airborne!

A trip into the Outback is a bit like that. You never know what to expect, everything is possible and the strangest things can happen…

I’m truly loving it!

Don’t be scared of the new and unknown folks, a little bit of fear is really good too and makes life worth living and just simply so exciting 🙂

Take care for now & stay tuned for more
Gabi x