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Yeeeeeeeeew,  Paddle-boarding is changing lives all around the world every day, and SUP certainly has changed my life too!   ….needless to mention ‘to the better’ 🙂  !

Having been travelling the world as a professional kiter for the past ten years, and as a super passionate surfer, I’ve been hooked on the SUP virus ever since my very first go at it in 2007.  Paddleboarding has given me the opportunity to see the world through different eyes and is enabling me to enjoy my life-force  –  the ocean –  in additional ways.  New possibilities and opportunities for new adventures, new thrills, new playgrounds, new stokes are opening up almost every day that I take one of my Fanatic SUP-babies out and I very openly admit:  I’m a SUPaholic which is a beaaaaaaaautiful thing and contrary to most other addictions a very, very healthy one too 🙂

I could hardly imagine a day without not picking up one of my beloved SUPs to enjoy a session in the waves, a down winder, a meditative cruise up the river or a couple of yoga moves on top of my board.

..and I’ve just come back from an absolutely beautiful, joy session, I’m feeling GREAT, yew 🙂 !

High time 4 the ones amongst you who still haven’t given this amazing sport a go yet, to have a shot at it !!!  Trust me guys, you won’t regret it.
I’m always here for you and any questions
Yours Gabi