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Welcome 2 my brandnew website !

Welcome 2 my brandnew website !

Yeeeeah my dear kite-mates,  I’m stoked to welcome you !!

The brandnew version of the (first launched in 2004) is much more than just a simple personal site of a kite-pro, it’s a comprehensive compendium in which I would like to give you a close insight into my thrilling and fascinating life as a globetrotting kite-pro, a life that I would not change for the world !  Although I have to admit, it was a long, hard road to get where I am … yes, in 2002, I changed my life 360 degrees around but hey, it worked out and today I’m living my own personal dream 🙂  !!  In ‘MY BIO’ you will find everything about my ‘mutation from a business-jungle-career-woman’  to  the ‘kite-pro-chick’ that I am 2day.  There’s loads to read, CV, a short Interview, my profile, attitude on competition, freeride etc.

As wholeheartedly freerider, pretty crazy adventurer and saltwater-addict, I’m traveling most of the year all around our stunning planet and would love to ask YOU to join me in my quest for the sickest waves and most perfect kite-paradise!

I would like to share my ‘walk on the wild side’, experiences along the way of living my own personal dream, philosophies on life, and of course the kiteboarding-pro scene.  Just cruise around, you will find loads of intersting stuff. In ‘My Portfolio’ you can read or download all my published articles (travel stories, spot guides, etc.) and check out my best photos and videos. Super frequent blog posts will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening to Kitegabi and where… check out the stories, and awesome photos as well as up-to-date equipment reviews, event reports, interviews with my team-mates and soooooooooo much more.  In fact, ‘My Blogs’ date back to the beginning of my career in 2004 !!  If you have not seen it yet, check out the ‘photo gallery’ on the right hand side of this blog, youill find insane shots with all my updates!   The ‘Help Section’ covers FAQs for beginners as well as many ‘Tips & Advice’. Furthermore in the same section, check out ‘Ask a Pro’, where I would be stoked to answer you what you have always wanted to know about kiteboarding in general, pro-life, travel, whatever you feel for  (iN case the tips & ask-a-pro is not up yet, pls. check in a little while again, just needs some final programming to be done, thanx!

A huuuge ‘Thanx’ goes to my dear friend and webmaster Greg for his genius work and time he devoted into making this amazing masterpiece possible, merci mon ami !!!

Last but certainly not least:  watch out for ‘Kitegabis ONLINE RAFFLE’ (to be announced soon !!) in order to win sick prizes of North kiteboarding, ION, Oakley, and of course 02alive Power Water (my source of energy!).  Simply keep checking the blog section, all facts about the raffle will be posted any of these days !

In the spirit of my motto “Life is not a Rehearsal”, carpe diem folks, ride waves of passion & dare to live your dreams !!

I look very much forward to hearing from you,
Yours ‘Kitegabi’