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5th at the PKRA Worldcup at Lake Neusiedl, Austria

5th at the PKRA Worldcup at Lake Neusiedl, Austria

An exciting, nervewrecking, funny but rather chilly week comes to an end and I’m stoked about the 5th place at the PKRA Worldcup-stop at the Lake Neusiedl in my homecountry Austria.

After the event started very contrary to past years with windy skies already on the first day – in the past years, we were waiting for the wind…and waiting…and waiting…24/7 on standby for almost a week – it soon turned into the ‘usual-lake neusiedl-scenario’: absolutely NO wind.

In any case, we managed to finish the Single and even started the Double Elimination. On the last day, the race director even gave the 2nd discipline – Best Trick – a go, which unfortunately yet again had to be called off due to a lack of wind.

Nevermind, I am stoked about coming 5th in freestyle and will never forget the legendary moments of my first ‘stage-surf-dive’ on top of a pink waveboard during the price-ceremony in the large party-tent. Y E H A, I was carried by a wave of hundreds of hands, high above the heads of the screaming surf-fans, right from the winner’s stage in a big circle around, and back onto the stage…. COOOOL !!