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Guincho Wavemaster 2007 Part II

Guincho Wavemaster 2007 Part II

…incredible…a whole week at one of the windiest places on earth and still no results for the wavemasters 2007.

I simply call it, the ’typical competition dilemma’: no matter which spot and how ’reliable’ it normally is… as soon as a competition hits off, the wind/waves disappear…

In the female division, we managed to complete the semi-finals, in which I also managed to worked my way up into.  The conditions were really on the edge to ’doable’ with max. 10 knots and choppy sea…  The organisation still decided to give it a go pushing it to the max in order to get some results.

I finished 5th. Congrats to Kirsty Jones and Kristin Boese as well as to Fabienne D’Ortoli who advanced over me in a tight decision of the judges, taking 3rd spot on the podium.

In the male division, no results were obtained. The price money was equally split amongst participants and everyone walks away with the same points on their account for the title 07.

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