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North Raceboard-Revolution at World Cup in St.Peter Ording

North Raceboard-Revolution at World Cup in St.Peter Ording

At the PKRA Kitesurf Worldcup in Skt. Peter-Ording the North Kiteboarding teamriders amongst them Charles Deleau, Sean Farley, Sky Solbach and Dirk Hanel were equipped with a new raceboard which will we released as a production board to the market in September. The board is designed for course racing and light wind and certainly proved its SICK quality and performance level during the Race World Cup in St.Peter Ording this week.

Nobody could keep up with the North team and the podium was ‘North Central’, yes yes yes, Charles Deleau first, right behind him Sky Solbach and Mexican Champ Sean Farley… and the other brands?? well, waaaaaay behind somewhere lost in the cold sea of St.Peter !!

The board is 163 cm long, 45 cm wide and very ligth due to the Custom Epoxy Sandwich construction.. The board has 15 cm G10 fins and sharp edges to give you maximum upwind performance. Comparing the board to a 2008 North Phantom 145 Twintip a huge advantage is noticable going upwind which is very important in course racing or light wind.

Yet again:  North simply has confrimed its pole position in innovation and that it’s setting trends, not following.  I’m so proud to be working with the market leader in product R&D, congrats to my team-mates:  sick !!

Check out the North kiteboarding website for more info on truly the best products in the world of kiteboarding!