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North team rules !!

North team rules !!

My team-mates were ripping at the World Cup in St.Peter Ording, proving the level of North riders to be right there way up the top and even better all that in pretty much all disciplines.  The final results at the event in Germany comprise multiple ‘freshly crowned‘  World Champs in the discipline ‘Race’ with Charles Deleau (North, FRA) winning the title in front of Sky Solbach  (North, US) and Sean Farley (North, MEX), yeeeah, also in the female division, North lead the game with Steph Bridges (UK) winning the World Title in the name of North as well, sick !!!

Sky Solbach made it up onto the podium not only once at the price giving in St.Peter, no, Sky also secured the 2nd rank overall and consequently becomes the new Vice World Champion in the discipline Kitecross.  Sick, mate!

Mario Rodwald (GER) took home an impressive 5th place at the freestyle competition, which made him the best German rider in the freestyle event. Angela Peral had some very tough competition in the womens freestyle and got 7th in the end.

Obviously skill is one part of the equation to luck, experience, tactic others, another main ingredient is certainly the right gear. Thanx to North and their strong R&D, we’re setting trends and Norths brandnew race-boards definitely confirmed in St.Peter, there aint any better! Check out the North website for all infos on products and the team.

Congratulations to all North Kiteboarding teamriders, who did so well in St Peter.  Insane performance, I’m stoked, u guys rock !!!