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PKRA Podersdorf, Austria, 01.- 05.05.2007

PKRA Podersdorf, Austria, 01.- 05.05.2007

After in 2006 kitesurfing was not part of the annual Summer-Opening (this year re-named into ‘Seaside Festival’) at the beautiful lake Neusiedl in my homecountry Austria, we’re all super happy being back this year!

Yeah, the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf kicked off well with windy, sunny skies right on the first day of the event. Rather gusty winds from the Northwest were blowing pretty much all day, and the Single elimination of the male as well as the female division could be completed. Organisers were stoked, riders … mhhh, so and so. Most of the pro’s just came directly from the PKRA event that took place in warm Venezuela just 2 weeks ago and were definitely not too happy about the temperatures that were freeeeezing and the rather choppy lake. Hadlow and the rest of the cool gang still offered an amazing show to more than 50.000 visitors and will ensure more action during the days to come when competing in the Double Elimination.

Me, I’m currently at 7th position and will get another chance to improve my rank in the doubles, however, am happy for now, hoping my fingers won’t freeze off in my next heat like they did in the single elimination (when I got back to the beach after competing, I needed 3 people to help getting some gloves on. I also did not manage to close the zipper of my jacket or opening the connection to the 5th line of my bar… that’s how frozen my hands were. i m p o s s i b l e for me to get a good grip of my bar…).

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