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Shandrani Kitesurf 4, Mauritius island

Shandrani Kitesurf 4, Mauritius island

Already the second time in a row, I’m one of the lucky VIP guests at the absolutley beauuutiful Shandrani 5-star resort on Mauritius paradise! Yeah, Cesar Portas, Sky Solbach, Cindy Mosey and me were invited to join the incredible kitesurf community here and their annual highlight the ‘Shandrani Kitesurf’.

Yep, the 4th edition of THE Kitesurf event of Mauritius, which took place from the 13th to the 17th of July has certainly lived up to all expectations. This year, we had perfect conditions and the highlights were certainly the 20-km crossing, from Blue Bay to l’Ile aux Cerfs, in Mauritius’ largest lagoon with THE most turquois clear waters along the untouched South Eastern coast of this paradise island as well as the freestyle competition, which we – the North-team – had the pleasure to judge

For me the funniest was the crossing. I actually sailed too far – was leading and just didn’t really figure out which island was the Isle aux Cerfs and just kept on going until I was stopped by a tremendous swell and a pretty terrifying reef. So cruised to the next beach and asked people there for directions. Then only, I understood, I had to go back. Due to the wind direction, however, I was unable to get to the side of Isle aux Cerfs where we were supposed to meet. So I landed my kite and thanks to a very helpful employee of the golf course there (Isle aux Cerfs has THE most beautiful and huuuuge golf course EVER!!) I could join the others and the so deserved BBQ pretty fast as he gave me quite an extreme off-road ride with a golf cart to the other side of the island (what a funny sight!! me, the kite and board in that little golf cart!!) … walking would have taken me at least an hour!!

For the organisers, the Shandrani Kitesurf Event, has also allowed the promotion of the Shandrani Kitesurf School due to open on the 1st of November 2005. With an IKO-certified Kitesurf School (International Kitesurf Organisation), this dynamic 5-star resort adds a new ” sport ” feature to its natural assets and completes its panoply of pioneering products that already includes an international Sailing Club and an exclusive eco-tourism programme Beachcomber Sport & Nature.

THANKS to the organisers and all people involved for an unforgettable time!!

Here you can find more info on the Shandrani Hotel

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