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Slider Jam in Perth, W.A.

Slider Jam in Perth, W.A.

Heheeeeeeeey, excellent, I’ve just gotten back to Western Australia and immediately there’s some sick action happening here: the annual Slider Jam, a freeride-event put together by Core Online magazine at Woodmans Point in Perth.

9 days and a sick fun park made up of rails, sliders, and kickers, each one sponsored by a kite-brand attrackts quite a crowd and some really ‘big names’ in the kiteboarding professional scene made their way to ‘Woodies’ (as Woodmans Point is referred to by the locals) amongst them my North International team mates Tom Court (UK), Cesar Portas (ESP), also 5x Kiteboarding Worldchamp Aaron Hadlow, even Andre Phillip, Susie Mai, Bruna Kajija and many more…

Yesterday was the first day and the North slider was the one the riders were rippin’ into pieces, sweet 🙂

Although the Slider Jam is a freeride-fun-event, there will be a small competition on the weekend.  Me personally I won’t be able to make it…yep, as a wave-chick I have some other ‘obligations’ coming up:  the full moon on the weekend will bring some hell swell and I’m off on a crazy boat-trip to the Abrolhos islands, the most exposed reef in the whole of Western Australia. WOW, that’s gonna be  s i c k, check the 4cast folks !! …and that’s only the forcast for the headland, as the Abrolhos Islands are about 60 kms west of Geraldton in the wide open ocean, u might be able to imagine what size the watermountains might get up to there…. and perhaps also what cute big fish are swimming around out there…!?

In any case, today I’ll be back at the Slider Jam and will try 2 get more action shots for u!  Stay tuned for more guys & have fun   Gxx