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Visiting Undisputed Dual World Champ (2002) Mark Shinn on Tenerife

Visiting Undisputed Dual World Champ (2002) Mark Shinn on Tenerife

Mark Shinn has made kiteboarding history in 2002 when he achieved – for the 1st time ever, still until today ! – the unthinkable by winning both the Professional Kite Riders Association World Title (PKRA) and the Kiteboard Pro World Tour World Title (KPWT), making him the first Undisputed Dual World Champion since the sport’s inception.

Mark, originally from the UK, has been living on Tenerife for almost 10 years. As I haven’t had the chance to visit this island of the Canaries yet, the PKRA stop on Fuerteventura seemed the perfect opportunity, to ‘hop over’ to Tenerife after the event and to say ‘hi’ to Mark, to ride with him, and to see what he’s been up to ever since I last saw him plus to check out Tenerife as a kitesurf destination.

All I can say is: I l o v e it !! Yeah, I’m staying with Mark and his lovely girlfriend Flo in their super nice house, well close to the spot “El Médano”, in the South of the island, where I’ve had two hardcore days on my prefered baby, the Vegas 06  9m2  !!

I will still be here for another few days and hopefully, if the wind & sun stays with us, will take shots with Flo for a Spot-Guide about the island to share with you!

Will keep you updated.

Hoping you guys got wind as well, whereever you are!
Keep rockin’ da wind & da waves dudes,
Gabi     P.S.: Check out the article that I published about my visit to Tenerife in English and German!