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Wallpaper December 2010

Wallpaper December 2010

For this month’s FREE WALLPAPER, I have chosen a shot by one of THE greatest extreme-sports photographers on the planet: Christian Black from the UK, which was taken when I had the pleasure to be invited to a Charity-Event earlier this year, the “Prosurf Extreme Kitesurf Charity-Competition 2010” at the beautiful Nyali beach in Kenya.

There have already several articles been published about this truly great event, of which all collected funds went to two local charity organisations, MEAK – Medical Aid to Kenya – and the I.C.R.H. – International Centre for Reproductive Health. Soon, I will be updating my Media-Portfolio, amongst it, you will be able to download or read the articles online. Stay tuned for those!

I feel each of us should be thinking about helping out in the world more often… it doesn’t need to be a totally ‘world-moving’ action, no, not at all, with small donations and gifts, good deeds, smiles and lots of positive energy, everything counts and helps to make this world a better place!

For your FREE WALLPAPER, just simply scroll down and select the right resolution for ur screen or gadget, press ‘download’ and off u go   –  Enjoy !

All for all previously released wallpapers, simply check my “Goodies Blog Section”.

Have fun & carpe diem guys!