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Wallpaper July 2010

It’s my pleasure to present to you your FREE Wallpaper Calendar for the month of July guys !!!

Downloading is super easy, just scroll down, select the right screen-resolution 4 ur gadget and off you go 🙂
There’s even a wallpaper for blackberry and your Iphone !

The shot for this months wallpaper was taken by Russell Ord, one of THE sickest surf-photographers on the planet on a day when decent swell had hit the West coast of Australia – JOY  🙂   Russell was out on his jetski, manouvering around the big watermountains…  me loving it !

Waves mean  e v e r y t h i n g  to me as the loyal followers of Kitegabi surely know  🙂

There’s no words really for the energy that gets produced by storms many thousands of miles out the open ocean, which then travels towards the coasts and discharges in the form of waves along beaches and reefs all around the world… You have to experience it, to know what I’m talking about !

The sea and waves, though, mean way more to me:  they are my life-force and philosophy:

I interpret the ocean as symbol of life: its peaks and troughs, its sets and lulls, the tide’s ebb and flow just like our daily being.  “Nothing in life can be forced, you have to wait for your wave patiently, there is a time for everything to happen, get in touch with the pulse of the planet instinctively, be fully present in the moment and enjoy the ride when your wave comes…

To ride a wave is an instantaneous meditation and requires 100% focus, a sense of serenity and commitment without any worries about the future or the past! You have to be  t h e r e  in the  v e r y  moment with open eyes and mind in order to not let opportunities just pass you by.
What’s required is: initiative, braveness, willingness to take risks in order to pick and ride the right wave in the set… approaching it with full commitment and even if you get it on the head and get badly washed, there’s no giving up out there, energy is required and the more you get in touch with the ocean and won’t try to force your way, the less you’ll need and soon you’ll be back in the line-up waiting for the next window of opportunity, i.e. set !

Some days you don’t really catch any good wave, only the ones who still paddle out regardless will be lucky and riding the peak of life again very soon !”

People who love the Ocean know that and with this mind-set the ups & downs of life can turn from a bumpy road into an exciting funpark !

In this spirit:  Enjoy the ride, would all people be surfing, the world would be a happier place 🙂 !

Have fun with the wallpaper & carpe diem guys,
Yours Gabi Steindl