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FREE Wallpaper June 2010

Your FREE WALLPAPER for the month of June was taken during a once-in-a-lifetime-trip to Papua Newguinea  (PNG)  where I spent three absolutely unforgettable weeks last year. Papua New Guinea, a remote, mysterious country, secluded from the modern world! Where Stone Age continues, where unknown, belligerent tribes live…

My trip to PNG was split into 3 stages: The first week I stayed on the Trobriand Islands –  which are also called ‘Islands of Love’ –  the second week in the capital Port Moresby and the third week in a small fisher-village four hours south of the capital along the coast: Hula.  In Hula Village I felt honoured having been hosted by the family of the president of the PNG Olympic Committee & Sporting Federation.

That day when this shot was taken, I went kitesurfing way out into the open ocean as I could spot a reef there, where it seemed to me that sweet waves were breaking… and so they were 🙂 !

I played for hours in the crystal clear waters out there. People in the village must have noticed the ‘strange huge bird’ in the sky and pretty much all the fisherman came out on their small wooden boats to watch and to check out the ‘flying blond girl’. They screamed and cheered and were completely fascinated by what they could see…. later they told me that I would enter the history books of the country 🙂 .

A could write a book about all the sick kitesurf locations that I found in the three weeks that I spent in PNG;   about my experiences, acquaintances, adventures and once-in-a-lifetime-moments a whole volume of books. I have already explored a vast amount of places on my own, PNG is unmatched and truly special in so many ways. For the individualists amongst you who like to tack against the kite-mass-stream this is the place to go to for your next holiday, the last frontier and a truly hidden kite-paradise between Stone Age and Modern Age.

My trip will remain in my heart forever. A ‘once-in-a-lifetime’-trip which felt a bit like a visit to another planet and which clearly prove the incredibly strong unifying force of our great sport !

KITEWORLD will be publishing my article on PNG in one of the upcoming summer issues, so stay tuned and get yourself a copy! The article also already has been published on 11 pages in the German magazine and is currently in the French Kiteboarder Mag. I will be uploading the articles soon into my Publications Portfolio. Austrian TV broadcasted several interviews and little films about it as well, check my video section for those!

Downloading the FREE WALLPAPER is easy: simply click on the right screen resolution for your computer and off you go 🙂 .

Have fun guys & CARPE DIEM !