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11 page feature about my trip to Western Australia

11 page feature about my trip to Western Australia

Sweet, the article about my trip-of-a-lifetime to Western Australia is hitting the newsstands in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria today!!   The brandnew features sick shots and a funny read on 11 pages as part of my personal column ‘Kite & the Planet’, make sure you don’t miss it!

Yeah, that trip was an insane adventure indeed.  Together with ‘Kiwi’ top-photographer Ian Trafford from New Zealand I travelled 2 weeks by car many hundred miles along the mindblowing coast of Western Australia.  As you surely can imagine:  exciting, crazy stuff happened along the way as usually when Kitegabi is on tour 😉 !

In the article I’m writing about my encounters with special creatures of Australia’s deepest outback  (as well in the water as on land !!), the ‘Golden Rules’ you should always adhere to in the bush of OZ, the lucky ‘photo-jackpot’ that Ian and me hit following our intuition and the advice of a ‘local local’, niiiiiice !!!

As the magazine is only just about to be released, I may show you a quick preview of the feature, however, the download version will only be available in my ‘Portfolio’, in a few weeks from now due to commitments with the publishers.

Have fun !!