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20 Years “Pro” :)

20 Years “Pro” :)

It’s so wild and absolutely mind-boggling to realise that this year it’s 20 years since I turned “pro” !!! Two decades of living of my greatest passion. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to my main sponsor Duotone Kiteboarding, who has believed in and supported me from my very early days in the sport.

When I started in the World Cup, the field of women was mainly self-supported with many of them not even having a kite sponsor. So many brands failed to recognise the importance of women in the sport. Duotone (formerly under a different brand name) had my back and still has… 20 years later!!! Even more amazing given that I quit competitions in 2007 !!! Thus, 16 years of Freerider career — and counting!!

This interview in issue #151 of Europe’s leading kiteboarding magazine KITEBOARDING.EU is exactly about those last 20 years. About my journey in the industry. My amazing 20-year career in kiteboarding (there are not many other riders who have “survived” this long), and some of my most memorable experiences during my crazy trips to the most remote corners on Earth 🙂

20 years that above all taught me that you can realise your dreams if you commit 100% to following your heart and are willing to give 1000% and never give up no matter what!!!

Check it out!

Lots of love, believe in yourself & live your dreams,
Gabi xx