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Brand-new article out now!

Brand-new article out now!

The brand-new issue of the leading German magazine “Kiteboarding”  has hit newsagents all around Europe!

Issue #113 March/April2016 is the dedicated “Wave-Special” and absolutely action-packed with interesting articles, mind-blowing photos, gear tests & reviews, riding technique tips, and the latest news.

I’m stoked to also have a beautiful article in this issue 🙂 .  Instead of spoiling the fun and giving away what it’s all about, however, I reckon you should get yourself a copy of the mag!

It goes without saying that there is also a digital version of Kiteboarding, so it’s up to you to read the magazine in print or online.

Whatever you chose, I’m sure you’ll be loving the magazine 🙂 .
Have fun & kite safe guys!
Warm regards from Western Australia,

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