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Check out Kitegabi on Servus-TV !

Check out Kitegabi on Servus-TV !

Folks, for the ones amongst you haven’t had the chance to view the documentary “Austrias Kite-Pioneers” that Servus-TV, Red Bull’s own TV-station, broadcasted several times at prime time slots very recently, those get another chance now 🙂

I’ve uploaded the video on the web for you!

The original docu was all done in HD, this format’s unfortunately impossible due to upload restrictions, never mind, the quality is still very decent I reckon you will still be able to enjoy it in a bit lower quality 🙂

Also check out all the other TV-film, docus, vids etc. in my video-section right here on !

Would love to get your feedback on the film my dears,
have fun with it & carpe diem guys