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Check out my ITV with Angela Peral

Check out my ITV with Angela Peral

I’ve recently conducted an interview with my North kiteboarding team-mate Angela Peral from Spain for IKSURF Mag, the world’s biggest international online magazine.

I have met Angela Peral for the first time approximately 7 years ago during one of my first ever PKRA-events.  Back then Angela was the youngest female participant on the tour  but already amongst the absolute cream-of-the-cream of the top kite-chicks in the world.  The two things that I remember noticing about Angela first were her incredible smile and her smooth, powerful and extremely radical style that has been her trade-mark since.  The petite curly head from Tarifa, Spain, is a true waterwoman by birth. Both her father and mother were competing in windsurfing previously and Angela’s dream as far as she can think back, has been to become just like them. And she suceeded: Angela is a unique personality in Spain today and her achievements in wind- and kitesurfing confirm her passion and commitment to her career as pro-rider in both wind- and kitesurf !!

I’m stoked to see my team-mate still going so strong in the Kitesurf World Tour after almost a decade of competition-life. Angela is currently ranked 2nd on the PKRA World Wave Tour, which confirms her incredible level of riding as well as of her motivation and energy.

To me, Angela is not only the cutest of all kite-chicks, she is also a uniquely amazing character and I sat down with her for an interview, check it out on 10 pages in IKSURF Mag’s issue #28 !

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