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Interview mit Dreu Beavis (AUS)

Interview mit Dreu Beavis (AUS)

I met Dreu Beavis during my trip through Western Australia and had a chance to interview the 21 year old Australian and winner of the PKRA Wave World Cup (an ‘Invitational’ event for the top 24 male wavekiting-heroes of todays) in Chile in September last year.

Nobody has really heard about Dreu before that PKRA event, however, he impressed with a worldclass performance and made a name for himself in Chiles challenging waves. Yes, Dreu Beavis has certainly proven his waveriding skills, finishing second just behind Martin Vari ‘the Great’.

I took the opportunity to speak to Dreu about his great victory, the consequent promotion into the international team of North, his daily life, a recent injury, and more… Check out my write-up and published feature about our tête-à-tête in my personal column ‘kite & the planet’ in the July issue of magazine.