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Love Tribute to W.A. – SUPWorld mag

Love Tribute to W.A. – SUPWorld mag

Paddle-boarding is changing lives all around the world every day, and SUP certainly has changed my life too!  …needless to mention ‘for the better’ 🙂 !

I came to experience the energy of this amazing sport for the very first time when a kite-mission with a photographer lead me to Western Australia in 2008;  …and I fell in love with both: the sport and the country. Today W.A. is my adopted home-base, where I live, train and where I start my trips from and I could hardly imagine a day without picking up one of my beloved SUPs to enjoy a session in the waves, a down winder, a meditative cruise up the river or a couple of yoga moves on top of my board.  Western Australia is a truly unique and mind-blowing piece of paradise and its SUP playgrounds are sheer endless.

My most recent article “A Love Tribute to W.A.” is dedicated to my love and passion for SUP as well as the amazing west coast of the land down under.

Check out the most recent issue of “SUP World Australia” for it, which is the “Travel Issue”, with lots and lots of great features, trip stories and infos!

Enjoy & have fun and get yourself a SUP if you haven’t done so 🙂
trust me, it will change your life too!