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New Uploads in my Publications-Portfolio!

New Uploads in my Publications-Portfolio!

Hi folks, just wanted to let you know that I’ve uploaded a number of my most recent articles into my publications portfolio!

There’s  l o a d s  of super interesting stuff to be found:  My travels around the globe from Taiwan to Oman   –  hehehe, sounds like a rhyme 😉   but that’s just two of the amazing destinations that I’ve recently explored in my mission as globetrotting freerider, who is always on the search for new, still undiscovered kiting grounds  –   a Helicopter-Shoot in the deepest Outback, my 10-years anniversary-adventure to Indonesia and so much more!

Just click on the cover of the magazine of the feature that you are interested in and you will be re-directed to the detail page where you can read the full article online or download the pdf.

Have fun guys and I’m always stoked to hear from you!