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Sick feature in “HEUTE” !

Sick feature in “HEUTE” !

Stoked !!

During my very recent visit to my home turf Vienna (Austria), I sat down with Martin Huber, an editorial journalist of one of Austria’s biggest daily newspapers: Heute Zeitung. We met up in a Viennese café for an interview and had a really cool chit chat. Martin Huber also brought along one of the photographers of the newspaper, Helmut Graf, who was in charge of taking some shots during our meeting.

Yesterday, the outcome of our meeting got published on big spread in the sports section of the paper. Nice one 🙂

What was the funniest about out super chilled out meeting in the café was right at the end, on leaving the place…  Suddenly the editor and the photographer started smiling and I was like “What’s up?”.
Well, it’s just funny… you and your board in the middle of grey vienna, what makes it even funnier is that you’re carryng the board and your little girlie handbag in the same hand”.

Hihihi, then I had to laugh myself, cause yeah, it was indeed quite a funny sight 🙂   …and so Helmut Graf took a couple more photos outside the café.  Hihihihi…

If you’re in Austria, get youself a copy of the paper or check out the e-version of it right here!

Have fun & carpe diem guys,