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The Wave-Stroller

The Wave-Stroller

Stoked about this beautiful 5 1/2 pages feature in my home-turfs young new magazine “Sportmag Ladies” that was launched by Austria’s prestigious Sportmagazin in 2013. This slick and latest addition to Sportmag’s publishing portfolio, is a great read for all woman whose life-elixir is sports or those who wish to make it that.

This is only the 3rd issue of the mag, in it Editor Hannes Kropik has put together a super sweet article with the title “Die Wellen Bummlerin”, that translates into “The Wave Stroller” covering my life today as professional kitesurfer & globetrotting freerider and the drastic move that I took in 2002 when I quit a successful business career in the skyscrapers of London and Hong Kong with a dream…. and succeeded!  I love Hannes’ opening quote that makes up the header of the article “She owes her nickname Kitegabi to her infinite love of the dance with wind and waves. Gabi Steindl sacrificed a high-flying career in business and won a life-long energy-source”. He refers to the ocean and waves and totally hits the mark with his words! I could not imagine a life without the energy of the big blue… my life-elixir, greatest teacher, best friend, pool of energy, inspiration and so much more 🙂 !

Check out the mag, there’s loads of interesting stuff and features for the sporty girls and ladies amongst you, enjoy
Gabi xox