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TV-Shoot in Vienna City Centre

TV-Shoot in Vienna City Centre

Wooooooooooooooow, crazy… cool, FUN !

Yesterday I was part of THE most exciting TV-shoot in my career so far  –   a full day of filming, 3 different locations, behind me a team consisting of Austria’s most famous professionals in their field (camera, light, sound, editors), a day full of excitment and lots-a-fun!

It was a looooong day of shooting   –   yep, we started at 9 am and the tv-team left the last location, which was my appartment at 9pm  –   though, without a doubt a day that I wouldn’t wanna have missed.

The first shoot took place at the ‘Filmstadt Wien – Rosenhügelstudios’, Vienna’s unique filmstudios and focal point of the Austrian Film and TV Industry.

The second one, and this one was sooooooooooo very special (!!!):  Right in the old part of Vienna on the main pedestrian zone of the 1st District and right in front of Vienna’s landmark: St.Stephen’s Church.
The TV-storyboard said:  Kitegabi in kiteboarding-outfit and with my ‘working tool’ (i.e. my North Kontact waveboard) strolling in between business people, tourists, artists,… the hectic, busy, city life.
Check out the pics they speak more than any words 🙂

3rd location: My appartment in Vienna.  This shoot completed all the images that the TV-team was after and allowed them to look into how I grew up and the years before I left Austria to explore the World!  They also interviewed my mum, which was really beautiful.

Over the next weeks, the team will put it all together in post-production and late December 2010 but most probably early 2011 it will be broadcasted:  “PORTRAIT KITEGABI, Austria’s Globetrotting Freerider & Lifestyle Icon”, supported by film-footage of my trips from around the world (Papua New Guinea, Australia, etc.).

The sickest about the whole thing, though, I kept for last, it’s for SERVUS-TV, Austria’s premier channel by RED BULL, which broadcasts only THE very best documentaries, films, shows…  I feel extremely privileged and proud…  super stoked, is another word for it 😉

Thanx to Michael Baumgartner, an good friend and amazing photographer – –  I can offer u a quick insight into this day, enjoy & have fun folks!

I would like to take this opportunity to shout out a huuuuuge “T H A N K   U” to Michael Baumgartner for taking photos and the team of  West4Media”, the film-team who I spent over 12 hours with that day, Alexandra, Bernhard and Nino, u guys were so cool and this shoot was THE very most fun shoot in my 9 year pro-kiteboarder career, thanx !!!

I keep u updated with news about the broadcast folks, stay tuned,