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Sooooooooo many apologies for the long absence from my blog !!!

I hope you all had lovely Christmas and an amazing ride into 2021 🙂

I had a pretty different start to the new year with a massive health scare…. yep, in fact, I spent New Year’s in the emergency department of Busselton hospital, here in Western Australia.

It’s a looooong story and Thank God: I survived.

You guys know that I normally can’t sit still, always full of energy — however, given my recent medical situation, I was forced to rest and heal… a great opportunity to reflect and to write an article about everything.

Titled “Yin & Yang of Life”, I reckon it turned out beauuuutifully. The cover shot was taken during one of my first few sessions after many months of recovering at my very favourite beaches in the area.

Read the article in German in issue #142 of the current “Kiteboarding”, the biggest European kitesurfing mag.

Enjoy, I hope you like it!

Mucho amor,
Gabi xx