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My Film: “Wave of Life”

My Film: “Wave of Life”

I’m suuuuuuuuuper pleased to present my film

People who know me are aware that I gave up everything for kitesurfing almost two decades ago. For the ones who’ve never heard my background story, here’s the short version:

Born and bred landlocked in the capital of Austria — Vienna — I had been dreaming of windsurfing, surfing and living with the rhythms of the ocean ever since she was a little girl. When kitesurfing came along (in the late 90’s/early 21st century), I broke free from of a highly successful business career in Hong Kong and London and committed myself 100% to the then new sport.

On a side note:  At the age of 25, I was worldwide Marketing & Distribution Manager for Asia’s leading media group in adventure travel and extreme sports, “Action Asia” based in Hong Kong with a secretary twice my age, heaps of exciting business travels, a decent income, an office in a skyscraper… yet I quit everything to follow my heart and dedicated my life to kitesurfing. I got declared as crazy by friends and family for throwing away my career and all “I had worked for so hard”. Two decades later, people call me “lucky” for the life I’m living. But luck has nothing to do with it. It’s all coming down to sheer determination, persistency, not accepting no for an answer, working extremely hard for my dreams, never ever giving up or letting anybody tell me what’s best for me.

After several successful years in the Kite World Cup (2003-2007), I stopped competitive riding and embarked on her journey as a Globetrotting Freerider, Adventurer & Travel Writer.

Since then, I roam the planet on solo missions on the quest to discover new, untouched kitesurfing destinations and virgin waves. With over 80 countries under my belt — and counting! — I truly live and breathe for my time on the water and explorer-adventures to the most remote corners on Earth. Writing in English and German, I share my voyages in articles for leading magazines internationally (over 300 publications so far).

On one of these explorer-trips, I came to Western Australia, where I fell in love with the waves and the people — and have been living in Margaret River for over 12 years now.

Come with me for a wild ride on my “Wave of Life” — a life dictated by the swell, the wind and my kite-explorer missions to far-flung corners away from the crowds!

Gabi xx