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My latest feature in “Für Mich” !

My latest feature in “Für Mich” !

YEW, I’m super stoked 🙂

The BIG summer-issue of Austria’s leading Women & Lifestyle Magazine “Für Mich” has just hit newsagents all across my home turf Austria.

In it: My personal column “Wave of Life – Letters from around the World” and this time, I dedicated my column to  “SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding), THE new Trandsport in the Water”.

Besides being a professional kitesurfer, I’m also international team-rider and thus professional “SUP’ess and Surf-Chick” of FANATIC one of the leading brands on the board sector.

Ever since I’ve started SUP’ing about 3 years ago, I’m fully hooked… another word for it: a complete SUP-addict 🙂 !  It’s simply such a beautiful fun sport and sooooooooooooooooooo great for your physique. Try it guys, you won’t regret it, I’m absolutely positive of that !!

So, get your a$$ down to the nearst shop and get yourself a copy of “Für Mich”, in my article you find all details on SUP, history, background, equipment, tips how & where to start with it in Austria and soooooooooo much more info on it! Plus, there’s way more good stuff packed in the BIG SUMMERISSUE, I just finished reading the mag and I loved  e v e r y  single page 🙂 !

Uiiiii, and last but not least, here’s a little secret for you:
There’s also an online version of the mag 🙂   Check it out, right here guys !
And for my feature, click this link, though, I would recommend to get the ‘real thing’ (i.e. paper copy of the mag), me personally I just always prefer to have the print copy in hand, I find it’s a much nicer way of reading it;  but hey, up 2 you !

Have fun guys & please send me your feedback and questions anytime !
I always love to hear from you 🙂
Ciao 4 now