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1st Fanatic Intl. SUP & Surf Team!

1st Fanatic Intl. SUP & Surf Team!

Fanatic has just announced and is proud to present their first International SUP & Surf Team for 2011!

What makes me even happier with regards to these news is that I’m one of the 7 chosen riders that make up the International SUP & Surf Team, I feel privileged and super proud, fully stoked is another word for it 🙂 !

Craig Gertenbach, the Brandmanager of Fanatic and super ‘brain’ behind the company, who is responsible together with his wife Karin and dedicated team for the amazing success of the brand, stated his decision to the press as follows:

“I’m very happy to announce our first International Fanatic SUP/Surf team. At Fanatic, our team riders have always had a close link in product development and promotion to the brand, for a true boardriders company feeling. Our current Windsurfing Team is one of the most successful ever, so we hope to emulate this with our SUP/Surf teams in the future, keeping the great family atmosphere amongst the riders as one of the winning ingredients. Look forward to watch the progress of Chase and Charlie on the National and International SUP circuits, whilst the images and input from Kirsty, Rob and Gabi will keep inspiring us to make the most innovative and fun to use products on the market!”

Fanatic’s slogan is “Addicted to ride” and I can only fully confirm that:  Y E S, I’m madly, deeply, completely addicted to riding my SUP FLY WAVE 9’6 and the SURF BAMBOO EVO MULTI-FIN 6’8.  Joy boards with an amazing performance plus their looks in bamboo and wood-finish are simply unmatched in the market. Check out my previous blogs about my two Fanatic babies 🙂 !  Here’s one from a really special boat-trip and another one when I only had just received the boards.

High time for you folks out there to give SUPing a go, if you haven’t already done so !!  And yeah, that surfing is the pure essence of it all, is something everybody knows who has felt the undescribable energy of riding a wave.  It’s  n e v e r  to late to start and oooooh-so-worth-it !   Trust me, you will not regret it 🙂

Please feel free to email with with any questions or queries you might have, I love to hear from you!