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Kontact Waveboard 2010 – sickest waveboard e v e r !

Kontact Waveboard 2010 – sickest waveboard e v e r !

Although I’m currently in my hometown Vienna, which is at the moment suuuuuper grey, drizzly, cold and snowless, and there’s certainly no waves or swell around my neighbourhood here 🙂  !?  …I would like to give my my personal opinion on North Kiteboarding’s latest wave-masterpiece:  The 2010 Kontact.

On my last trip in Western Australia, I had many chances to test the board extensively in all sorts of conditions:  super challenging big swell, shorbreak-fun, mid-size down the line…. folks  –   and I’m not exaggerating here !  this is the very most honest opinion from the bottom of my wavekite-loving-soul & heart ! –   the verdict of my testing is:

The 2010 North Kontact is seriouosly THE BEST waveboard that I’ever had the joy riding, its performance, features & quality are unmatched in the current wavebord-market.

Yeah, also my team-mates and top wave-riders Jeremie Eloy,  Sky Solbach and Dreu Beavis totally agree with me on that one.  The Kontact 2010 simply allows us to push the envelop of waveriding:  through its rounded pin-tail, gunny outline and low tail rocker the Kontact is incredibly predictable as well as it holds its rail in even the most extreme and choppy conditions and will never let you down in a high speed turn. Thin rails give the Kontact a lively and positive feel under your feet and the single concave throughout helps carry you through a turn and accelerate up the face. Whether you’re charging big waves or using the kite to whip yourself through high speed carves, the Kontact is what you want, trust me!

Me personally I  l u v  the Kontact 6’3, most of the time in combination with my Rebel 2010 5m2.  The combo gets me going from around 13 knots, unbelievable.  If you haven’t done so, check out my review on the Rebel 2010.

And last but certainly not least,  CHECK THIS OUT:  My last wave-session in W.A. before leaving to grey Europe, I reckon the pics speak for themselves in terms of product performance and style 🙂

Have fun folks & stay tuned 4 more on
urs Gabi