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My 2013 North Waveboards

My 2013 North Waveboards

YEW, I’ve recently received my brandnew North waveboards from the 2013 range and am stoked like a little kid 🙂

I have had already several sessions and got to extensively test them in all sorts of conditions and what I can say is: “The boards R O C K !!!”

Sky Solbach and the R&D team of North kiteboardig have done an absolutely amazing job, check out the full 2013 range of boards righ here folks.

My two favourites for the conditons that I’m riding most of the time are the Pro Series and the Kontact.

The Pro Series is a completely new addition to the North waveboard range and I’m blown away by its performance. This board opens up totally new possibilities of riding the wave. It turns on a dime and makes it possible to pull off even the most radical manouvres right in the pocket of the wave. Super tight reos, snappy turns, cut backs like on a surfboard, with the Pro Series you can stick pretty much anything in the most critical section of the wave.

Once the swell picks up to a pretty serious size and also especially in really windy and choppy conditions, it’s time to take the Kontact out. I love both, the 6’1” (for lighter wind) and the 5’11” (when it’s blowing strong). In bigger waves, the Kontact is the way to go, it has such a great grip on the wave and I dig the long controlled bottom turns.

The boards are so amazing, lovin’em, lovin’em, lovin’em, can’t wait 4 the next swell, you better get your kiterfeet on one of them too !

Always here for any questions 4 you guys