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My brandnew Fanatic ProWave 8’10”LTD

My brandnew Fanatic ProWave 8’10”LTD

Y E W, I’m so excited !!!  I just had my very first session on my brandnew Fanatic ProWave 8’10” Limited Edition and I’m “high on life and high on SUP” 🙂

This board is absolutely  a m a z i n g, shaped by SUP master-shaper-mind Sebastion Wenzel, the 2013 Pro Wave 8’10” LTD is unlike any other SUP board that I’ve ever had my SUP-addicted feet on. Already unwrapping it, I totally fell in love with its sweet looks, however, once I picked it up I was like: “No freakin’ way, it is SO light!!!”.

Yeah, the brandnew Carbon / Innegra construction is ridiculously light, plus it’s also visible and gives the board its super funky brushed carbon graphics. Standing on the board for the first time felt unreal, catching waves even better !!!

The board is truly incredible to surf, it’s insanely responsive with an insane drive and super balanced volume distribution. In my first sess, the offshore kicked in fairly strongly all of a sudden, but the board handled the wind really, really well and I kept on riding for hours 🙂

I chose to set my brandnew ProWave baby up with quad fins (it gives you both options: thruster or quads) and I’m lovin’it !!!

Can’t wait for my next ride, and you guys better get your feet on a Fanatic SUP too, trust me, it’s the best sh**t out there

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