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Life is supalicious guys !!!

Y e h a, life is so freakin’ awesome and so worth living when you have a SUP 🙂  !

Oki, let’s not be that extreme, life is beautiful in general, however, there’s no doubt about that it’s even sooooooooooo much better with a paddle in your hands on top of a SUP.
And that’s the very plain, simply truth. That’s why SUP’ing is constantly changing lives all around the world. So has SUP’ing changed my life too and I could not imagine being without it no more!

Cruizing along a calm river in a meditative cruize, doing some fitness exercises along the shore, paddling with dolphines in the turquoise blue Indian Ocean or catching some siiiiick waves out in one of the breaks around my home town here in Western Australia, I could not be without my SUP no more 🙂 !

Colin Leonhardt, one of Australia’s TOP-aerial photographers  took these joy shots during one of my fun sessions on the greatest board that I’ve ever had: my Fanatic Pro Wave 8’10” Limited Edition 2013.

Yeah, the brandnew Carbon / Innegra construction is ridiculously light, carrying the SUP is like carrying a surfboard down to the break, yew! Plus it gives the board its super funky brushed carbon graphics. It’s performance is even sweeter, the board is incredibly responsive and has an unreal drive.  I ride it with quad fins on smaller days but when the waves start pumping, I throw the thruster fin set-up in.

Lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’it, what a SUPalicious life !