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Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up!

Yes yes yes, it’s that exciting time of the year when next year’s models of gear are being introduced to the market.

After a year of intense work and R&D-heads putting all their efforts into developing, improving, fine tuning and setting new bench marks, the 2014 range of products of my sponsors hits shops all around the globe.

During this time of the year, us team-riders are celebrating kind of a “Pre-X-Mas” 🙂   It’s the time of new toys, new opportunities for stokes, new additions in the board rack and kite-quiver.

I’m obviously  l o v i n g   this time and right now, I’m ecstatic like a little kid in front of the Christmas tree!  Earlier today I opened the box that my sponsor Fanatic had sent me: my new Mc Kee Surfboard. For the coming season, I chose a limited edition board, the Compline 6’7”  – check out the entire range of Fanatic surfboards right here!  –   and had the most fun time with it out in the waves today, yew, loving it !!!

I’m super stoked about the new introduction of polyester board construction by Fanatic into its range as I really dig the feel of riding polyester boards. Shaped by Australian master-mind Bruce McKee, a leading name in the surfboard shaping industry, for Fanatic, my new favorite surfboard strikes with a number of really sweet features such as: a thumb tail, providing the best qualities of a round pin tail and a wider square tail in one profile, a comp rocker with single to double concave bottom and a quad /thruster multisystem. I’m totally into this option of being able to choose whether I want to ride the board as a quad or a thruster. As the surf today was small, I put four fins in, it’s soooo much fun with the quad in smaller surf, giving more acceleration through turns and drive off-the-top. When the waves pick up, I change to a thruster set-up.

Thank you Bruce for coming up with this baby, THANKS Fanatic for making it all happen in the first place and for this amazing new addition in my board stable !!!

Can’t wait for my next session 🙂