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WAM 2014

WAM 2014

Hehehe, it’s now the 3rd blog in a row about my new 2014-toys…  it’s the time of the year, after all, when all the new products of the coming season are hitting the world and likewise, us team-riders, I  L O V E  this time 🙂 !!!

After been riding the North Pro Series (in lighter winds I use the 6’2”, anything over 20 knots I go down a size to the 5’11”) for the last few weeks, this morning I looked at the forcast and decided: today is the day that my brand new WAM-baby will be set-up and taken out into the Indian Ocean for the first time!  The WAM has been the most popular board in the North range for several years now and that for a reason, it’s just THE most versatile and amazing all-rounder. And I’m just about to jump in my car and to head off to the beach. The wind already started blowing, the swell is meant to kick in any moment, yew!

Whereas the last few years I always went with the medium sized WAM, with the brandnew 2014 model I went for the biggest one in the range, the 6’0”. I personally simply love to ride big boards. I set it up as Quad for now  –   I truly  a d o r e  this option of being able to ride it as thruster or quad !!!  –   as today they swell is not meant to be picking up to monster-size, just fun-size. Once it gets over 6ft, I throw the thruster fins in for more drive through the turns. And bloody hell, how cool are the looks of the board!!! Diggin’  the bamboo tech and the colours.

Yew, can’t wait to give this baby a shot. I’m officially gone now, the online swell buoy just shows first signs that the waves have started to hit 🙂

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