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My ‘Soulwave’ of Life – Invitation 2 Inspiration

My ‘Soulwave’ of Life – Invitation 2 Inspiration

Yeah, the ones who keep up to date with my blogs will be familiar with my blog-subcategory: ‘Soulwave’ in which I share my philosophies, life-wisdom, and thoughts’, check out previous blogs in it.

I’ve just come back to Western Australia after 4 and a half months constant travelling, an as you might imagine, I’m suuuuper busy cathing up with stuff (reviewing 20.000 photos +  uncountable video tapes, work on them, edit, etc., write aricles in several languages…. plus get new project on the run + organized)   and apart from my daily exercising  (gym, surf, kite, yoga etc.) I will mainly be stuck at the computer at the farm that I stay at in Margaret River.

Traveling broadens ones horizon, and in this spirit, my most recent experiences and wonderful new acquaintances along the way of my latest trips have inspired me to start a new series under my blog category ‘Soulwave’ with the title:  ‘My invitation to inspiration’, a series of powerful quotes, daily thoughts, and positive affirmations, which upon reading hopefully will inspire you to live a more empowered life 🙂 !!   Each post will be supported by some beautiful new photo of my recent travel through New Zealand, the East Coast of Australia as well as other mind-blowing images from previous trips.

As my first inspiring thought, I would like to quote Eckhart Tolle and his view on ‘Living in the NOW’:
Nothing ever happened in the past,  it happened in the Now. Nothing will ever happen in the future,  it will happen in the Now”.