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Season’s Greetings !

Season’s Greetings !

A super exciting season with sooooooooooooo many highlights and unforgettable moments is coming to an end…

I’m  s t o k e d and very grateful for yet another fantastic year in this amazing life with all its experiences, lessons, high & lows  (just like the waves in the ocean), awesome wonders and presents that life ‘throws’ at us  –  quite often, when we least expect it!  All we gotta do is being present and mindful of the opportunites as they arise…

Yew, life is beautiful and so incredibly exciting and there’s so many gifts in it waiting,   it’s all up to us to grab them!   So many dreams to be lived and we shouldn’t wait to live them, we only have one life and the very ‘simple’ way of making the most out of it and THE very upmost important ingredient in the equation of ‘being happy’ is:  follow  Y O U R  heart on  Y O U R  very own personal path!

In this spirit I send my very best wishes to all of you:

MERRY X-MAS, where ever you are & a JOY RIDE INTO THE NEW YEAR !!!

Enjoy the holidays, relax, take it easy,
inhale the peace and energy of Mother Nature &
Carpe Diem guys, because “Life is not a rehearsal”  🙂

Thanx to my sponsors North Kiteboarding, ION, Fanatic, and Oakley for their continuous support in living my very personal dream!

With all my love
Yours Gabi