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Soulwave – Enjoy the entire Journey

Soulwave – Enjoy the entire Journey

Hey folks…. sorry about a rather slack blogging these days, grrrr, yep, apologies!  I’m currently super busy catching up with loads of stuff on the computer and am also already working on super exciting new projects in the months to come, thus ‘play time’  in the ocean suffers a little for the moment as well as time spent on my blogs.  I promise I will make up for it soon, though, ok 🙂 !!

I’m currently stuck in a city, typing my life away on the laptop but yeah, all good and it’s all part of the game. I can’t wait to head back down south, though, I miss the waves, surf and all the abundance of energy that Mother Nature has in stock  for all of us! However, I do find some special ‘power places’ up here in the city as well 🙂  Yeah, it’s important to be in touch with the planet and opportunities for that can be found pretty much anywhere !

For the time being I felt, it would be a good idea to blog some more of my wisdoms, thoughts, and reflections on life as part of my blog-section “soulwave”, check out what I’ve been writing in that category previously, plus here’s a new one for you:

“To enjoy your goals, think of them as sign posts, pointing you in a certain direction. They give you a focus and help you energy to get moving. The way you go is up to you; you can get very uptight focusing only on getting to you goal or you can relax and enjoy the entire journey, appreciating every unexpected bend and turn of the road, every new opportuntiy for learning and feeling.”

I have to admit, I’m pretty good in forgetting to enjoy the journey at times myself, yep, when I really want to achieve a goal, I often stress out about it and try to force it… though, I am working on myself and realize again and again that nothing in life can be forced. Everything at its time, step-by-step and getting caught up in worries & stress  is not good for the soul plus it’s counterproductive as you might miss out on exciting, new presents that life will bring to you if you’re in tune with it and go with the flow of things !

In this spirit:  Carpe diem, have fun what you’re doing and never forget to take time to chill & to enjoy every moment of YOUR journey 🙂
Yours Gabi

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