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Wishin’ u a JOY X-MAS !!!

Wishin’ u a JOY X-MAS !!!

Wow, another year has almost passed… and the more I’m thinking about it: 2009 most probably has been THE best year  e v e r in my kite-pro career of the past 8 years !  That simply comfirms to me yet again:   Things are only gettin’ better in life as long as u never give up on your dreams, as long as u keep following  u r  heart & intuition, yeah, it’s really amazing to see how life unfolds just the way I’ve always wished for, beautiful, I’m luvin’ it !!!

In this spirit folks, I’m wishing u a JOY-X-MAS with lots-a-fun, love & action 🙂   Me personally I’m currently at home in Vienna, thus there’s no X-Mas kiting or surfing for me, though, might head 2 the slopes on my snowboard soon 🙂

Have fun & Merry X-Mas !
Yours Kitegabi

P.S.  Check the X-Mas Card in the photo-gallery to the left!  It has a great ‘wave-of-life’-wisdom 4 u !

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