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The Prosurf Extreme Charity Comp was THE most joy event ever!

The Prosurf Extreme Charity Comp was THE most joy event ever!

Yeah, JOY, the Prosurf Extreme Charity Kitesurf Competition that took place last week at the Nyali International Beach Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya and which I’ve had the privilege having been part of, took an epic end in style on a ‘Dhow’  –  traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more lateen sails  –  and just as special as every single day of the comp!

The Dhow-Cruise was set on the Mombasa River and started right at sunset, absolutely beauuuutiful.

Obviously all the competitors, event organizers, and people involved in pulling this phantastic happening off were there…  we had a DJ and the party was pretty crazy 🙂   PLUS:  it was also time for the Prize Ceremony!

Liquid Force team-rider Chris Burke took the first place in the Male-Pro category and I’m stoked about the first in the Female-Pro division. Also with the trophies, the event organizers excelled in THE BEST ever 🙂   I got an absolutely stunning handcarved Ebony Elephant and Chris a super cool Giraffe   –   SICK, THANX !!!

The competition that has been running for 5 years, was a huge success. The highly innovative format made it to me the most fun comp that I’ve most probably ever been to. Bram Dierick, Manager of the Prosurf Extreme Watersports Centre   –  a fully equipped North Centre with all the latest toys and an extremely helpful, knowleagable team –   did a phantastic job by putting it all together:  a sick slider and a kicker were built, we jumped over fire-rafts at night, a downwind race, big air… oh man, sooo much fun!!

Top-photographer Christian Black was there to catch the action with his camera and I will keep u updated when and where the story will be published, thus stay tuned!

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK Bram Dierick, his incredible crew at the Prosurf Extreme and of course the Nyali International Beach Hotel, and of course North Kiteboarding a main sponsor of the comp for making it all happen, it’s been an honour and pleasure having been part of the event, even more so as it was for Charity and we managed to raise over 120.000 Kenya Shillings for a good cause, what could be nicer than doing that by the sport that we all love so much!

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event 🙂   and yourself, u should definitely consider checking out Kenya as kitesurf destination for ur next trip  –   this place  trulyROCKS !!!  –   just get in touch with the Prosurf Extreme and they will be happy to help.

Oh yeah, last but not least:   I had two more days in Kenya after the event was finished and took this opportunity of going on a SAFARI !!!  y e a h, this has been on my  ‘List of Things-2-do-in-Life’ for a long, long time… now I can tick it off and it was THE most exciting adventure folks.   In 2 days I took about 2500 photos and that’s no joke, so just give me a little time and I will select a nice portfolio of all the amazing animals that I spotted 😉

In this spirit:  Stay tuned 4 more on
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