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A perfect Day

A perfect Day

A couple of days ago I got a super sweet invite of Sarah and Matt, owners of Charter 1 to join them on one of their boats, the Concorde, for a fun day out on Rottnest Island. “Rotto” as its commonly known for amongst the Aussies lies about 15 nautical miles off Western Australia’s capital Perth. The island is a true little pearl in the Indian Ocean.

I simply  l o v e  boats and thus was excited like a little kid already the night before 🙂

We left Fremantle Fishing Harbour early in the morning and in style: The Concorde is an amazing 13m power vessel that pretty much offers everything one could only wish for! Beside the Concorde, Charter 1 also operates a second absolutely amazing vessel, the Capella, a 12.5 sailing catamaran that’s built to the highest standards boasting 5 rooms with a capacity of carrying up to 40 people.

Living it up on for a day on the Concorde, all the toys had to come of course as well: SUP, surfboard, kiting gear, snorkel and fins, I certainly ain’t be going on a boat to an island unprepared for everything 😉 Given the fact that the Concorde can carry about 30 people and we were only 10 that day, we truly lived it up in style and with heaps of room!

Dropping anchor several times in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island, Rotto didn’t let us down on any of the stops: We snorkelled in incredible visibility, SUP’ed some joy waves, the boys went for a cray dive whilst the girls went surfing and in the arvo the wind Gods also sent us a nice breeze to go kiting in!

I will let the pictures in the photo gallery to the right hand side speak for themselves.

The absolute highlight of the day for me was when we bumped into a great bunch of seals…. Snorkelling with those super cute creatures and later on hanging out with them on my SUP was an experience I will never forget in my life. Without my Fanatic Pro Wave, I could never have gotten so close or spent that much time with those amazing animals. What would be life without a SUP!?

“Just a perfect Day” I reckon…. Thanks to Charter 1, Sarah and Matt, YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

When you’re in the area guys, don’t miss out to jump onboard with Sarah and Matt, they will surely float your boat too 😉