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boosting into sky

boosting into sky

What’s a kitpro supposed 2 do on days when there’s no wind nor any waves 2 surf…???  mh, that’s what I asked myself here yesterday at lovely Mount Maunganui-town on the East coast of the North island, New Zealand.  Mount Maunganui is home to my team-mate and mulitple Kiwi-national Champ Marc Jacobs.

Darmn, I had the pleasure of riding and shooting with Marc over the last couple of days and I have to say:  respect, he  r i p s  big time, sick yeah !!

Anyway, although Mt. Maunganui is a surf town as well as kite-mekka … sometimes, yes sometimes, there’s even days without any surf or wind.  Thanx God, there’s a super nice crowd and pretty crazy kite-scene here with chix & guys who love anything to do with adrenaline & fun.  One of them is Tony, a passionate kitesurfer, surfer AND paraglider.  Chilling out at the main kiting spot in town, gazing into the air and over the water, we sudenly came up with the idea of giving kitegabi her first ‘solo paraglide lesson’.  Y E A H, sweet as, Tony explained the principles of flying to me and off I went … hihihihi, I actually went off over the edge of the little hill to the beach before I was really quite ready for it but hey, it all went well and I did it over and over again.

Thanx Tony mate, sick fun, can’t wait 4 more soon !!  Have to continue my journey up North but might be back eventually, cause Mount Maunganui is a really cool place with a truly lovely crowd 🙂

I’ve done a couple of tandem-paraglides in the past, however, am determined now to learn to fly myself, it’s simply the perfect addition to kite & surf. If you ever get a chance guys, u should definitely give it a go !!
Catch ya,