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Chile – Buena Onda

Chile – Buena Onda

Hot off the press: “Chile Buena Onda”, my latest travel article. The Kiteboarder US mag (TKB) has just published it on 12 pages — stoked!!

Chile is  S U C H an amazing place. Even more so, if you’re a wave-frother like I am 🙂  But there’s so much more to this country… I had no idea until I went there. The people, the insane beauty of Mother Nature…

Although not everything on this journey went according to plan (injury)….it’s been a trip of a lifetime! And only stuff going wrong and other positive or negative incidents along the way whilst traveling are exactly what you’ll remember forever and truly MAKE an adventure, isn’t it!

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My journey in Chile takes me from the windsurf hot-spot Matanzas all the way down to Patagonia – W O W !!! …and if I wouldn’t have gotten injured, I would never have made it to Patagonia. Might sound a bit confusing? Read the article, and you’ll understand 🙂

Have fun & saludos,
Gabi xox