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Desert Sabbatical

Desert Sabbatical

Yeeeeeeeeeeew, it’s this time of the year: Days and days of packing, looooooooong hours — in fact days — of driving on endlessly straight roads, and finally: our outback paradise. Far away from any civilisation, internet…

Just us, our bush camp, the whales, the waves, the stars, the sounds of the ocean, kangaroos, snakes, sharks, … and too many other people who want the same 😉

There will be the odd post on my instagram feed @kite_gabi but apart from that, I’m going offline now!

I love this time of the year. Stay safe for now & happy kiting, I hope you get out into the big blue to keep sane in all this virus madness the world is currently in…

Big wavey hug from the Outback in West Oz,
Gabi xox