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Esperance, South Western Australia

Esperance, South Western Australia

After almost two days driving (yep 800km in Western Australia is a bit further than on European highways…especially due to the wildlife here and the consequent always present risk of some kangoroo or emu or… crossing the road!), we finally reach our target destination.

Esperance is a super chilled little beachtown with about 14.500 residents. Everyone seems really friendly here…people on the streets, shop assistants, cashiers at the supermarkets…everybody has this ’wow, I’m so happy to live here’-look in their faces. Sweet! Curious and open-minded, people are extremely interested where we’re from and what brought us to this little paradise in the south of W.A.

Ian and me stop at the tourism office in town in order to enquire about some place to stay for the next couple of days. Also the ladies working here yet again are super nice and helpful and sort out two beds for as at the ’Esperance Guesthouse’, a really comfy Bed & Breakfast with extremely lovely caretakers.
My last question for the ladies at the tourism office is ’where shouldn’t we go surfing…with regards to the white sharks?’ .. the reply ’in the ocean my dear’ … hehehehehee, well, not much to be said to that and to our options, right!?

The next couple of days Ian and I spend shooting at various mindblowing spots all around Esperance. The sourrounding here is truly picturesque and many of the beaches breathtaking! With our decision of coming to Esperance we certainly hit the ’photoshoot-jackpot’, more I’m unfortunately unable to say and show u at this point in time as the photos and story to our trip have been promised exclusively to several magazines…apologies mate!

However, one thing I do promise: I’ll keep updated here in the news of  about when and where u will be able to read the full story and view the great pics that Ian took.

Until soon, many kind regards from W.A.